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Trevor Lansing

Trevor has specialized in construction for the past 20 years. His extensive background has allowed him to manage projects at the high level of quality and efficiency.

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Buying a factory-built manufactured home is a thrilling experience, but there’s much to be done after your purchase. You may need land to put it on, the installation of a septic tank, or water and power to be hooked up. Then there are some who might want to add a deck, porch, or garage to their home. Future Homes of Bremerton and Future Homes Services are proud to be a full-service dealership and construction company for factory-built, manufactured homes. When you work with us, you won’t need to look elsewhere for help.

Future Home Services works directly with Future Homes of Bremerton as their primary contractor. This team offers all required contracting services for customers to be move-in ready!

Future Home Services is Licensed, Bonded, Insured and WAIN certified (L&I certified installer). Manufactured homes in Washington must be installed by an L&I certified installer. Installation work includes all aspects of installing the home, starting with the construction of the foundation, through assembly of the home, connecting the home to utilities and the application of the skirting. For more information, click the icon below and read a brief description on the service you’d like to learn more about. Call or email us today if you have any questions. Our team is here to help. 

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Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is the process that analyzes and determines if the property is practical for the planned use of the land. This task can also include reviewing all aspects of the property from both a financial and environmental perspective. Specifically, this is the procedure of surveying the land’s irrigation, soil conditions, septic placement, and other important resources. In many cases, the feasibility study could also include researching neighboring properties and how their land usage could impact your plans as well.

Septic Design and Install

Different Types of septic systems

  1. Gravity distribution system
  2. Pressure distribution System

Gravity distribution system.

  1. Wastewater reaches a certain place in the tank and allows the wastewater to flow to the drain field.
  2. No external power required.
  3. Installation and maintenance tends to be less expensive than other options.

Pressure distribution system

  1. Wastewater from the septic tank flows into a pump chamber. ”On” and ”off” floats a timer inside the chamber that controls the pump. When the wastewater rises to a certain level the pump turns on and equally distributes the wastewater into the drain field.
  2. Is more expenses than other options

Site Plan and Property Survey

Getting Your Property Ready For Your Home

The Future Homes Services team will come out to survey your property to get a better understanding of your vision. Once that’s complete the FHS team will formulate a plan to make your dreams a reality.

Building Permit

Getting A Building Permit

When any new construction is undertaken the state of Washington requires all local jurisdictions to require a building permit.

Road Approach and Driveway Culvert

Gravel Or Pavement Driveways


Gravel driveways are popular since they are low-cost and easy to maintain. Gravel driveways are best for homes in rural areas. Gravel is less expensive for longer driveways and it can last for generations with regular maintenance.


Pavement is the most common method for constructing driveways. Paved driveways can be made in different shapes and sizes. If you have any questions about what we can do for your driveway please don’t hesitate to ask the FHS team.

Driveway Culvert

A driveway culvert is used to carry water from one side of your driveway to the other. A large pipe is buried under the driveway that helps move water from one side of the driveway to the other to deter any flooding that may occur during a rainstorm or any other natural disaster.

Lot Clearing

Making Way For Your Home

Lot clearing is a pretty common solution for properties getting ready for a manufactured home. The process consists of clearing trees, shrubs or any other natural resources to make way for your new home.

Concrete Foundation Designs

The Different Types Of Foundations

  1. Dirt Set
  2. Pit Set
  3. Concrete Runners
  4. Concrete Slab

Footing Drains

A footing drain is an exterior foundation drainage system outside the foundation wall. Future Homes Services will install the drain and cover it with gravel so it will filter the water into either a sewage drain or into the ground below the topsoil.

Rain Gutters and Downspouts

Getting Prepared For The Rain

Future Home Services will install all your gutters, downspouts and splash blocks. Gutter, downspouts and splash blocks must be ready before requesting your final county inspection.

Well Drilling

Drilling and Installing A Well

If you don’t have access to public or a community water service, we will need to drill a well. Well location must be 100ft from any drain field. A well permit is required. Well permits are usually submitted with a septic design.

Water Hook-up

Getting Water To Your House

Water hookups are very similar to electrical hookups in the way that it depends on where the project is located. Future Homes Services will assess the project and get all the proper connections set up to provide your home with crisp and clean water.

Electrical Primary and Hookup

Steps To Powering Your Home

  1. Request new electrical service through the public utility department.
  2. A service engineer is requested to do a site visit. They determine the crew work needed for the lot and the plan for the crew work.
  3. Our electric team sets the panel and runs the wire in the ditch.
  4. The electrical team makes the connection between the power company and the house.
  5. A state inspection is required to complete this step.
  6. Once the inspection is approved, the ditch can be backfilled, and the panel can be covered.
  7. Power is requested to be turned on.


What Is Skirting

  1. Skirting is a panel or wall of material that covers the space in between your manufactured home and the ground its on top off. Every manufactured home needs skirting to make the job complete so that’s why there are so many colors, styles and options to choose from.

Skirting Options

  1. CMU blocks
  2. Dura skirt
  3. Vinyl skirting
  4. Simulated rock skirting
  5. Faux stone and brick panel skirting


What Is Topsoil

Topsoil is that uppermost layer of soil capable of growing and supporting vegetation. Topsoil contains essential microorganisms and nutrients to be able to grow and house any greenery.

Carpet Installs

We Install Carpet

Whether you want carpet throughout your entire home or just in certain areas the Future Homes Services team has you covered.

Vinyl Installs

We Install Vinyl

Just like carpet, the Future Homes Services team also installs Vinyl. Vinyl flooring comes in many colors and styles so once you find the one that fits your lifestyle the FHS team is here to help make it a reality.

Decks, Ramps, Porches

We Install Decks, Ramps and Porches

Are you looking to add to the exterior of your home? The Future Homes Services team is happy to help you build exactly what your dream home looks like.


Fence Installation

Are you having problems with animals or looking to have some privacy? Look no further! Our construction team is proficient at installing fencing to make your home comfortable and complete.


Make Your Home Beautiful

Future Homes Services offers high quality landscaping options for you to choose from. Nothing says finishing your dream project like a beautiful horticulture right outside your front door.

Used Home Re-leveling

Get Your Home Re-leveled

Re-leveling a mobile home does exactly what it sounds like, we re-level your home so the weight is distributed evenly throughout. If you feel that your home may be uneven give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Final Grade

The Last Step Before Your Home Gets Placed

The final grade is the last step in the grading process. In this stage, we place a layer of sand or topsoil to allow growth in the landscaping.