Fleetwood Home Decor

Built For Life, Designed For You

Fleetwood homes are built for life. Your life. Our focus is meeting the ever changing lifestyle needs of its customers. Families from all walks of life invest in a Fleetwood home because of our reputation for building the finest homes, pricing them affordably, and backing them with outstanding service and warranty protection. There are many terms for this type of housing but our happy homeowners and their families and friends just like to call them “home.”

As a company, we started out building travel trailers. Then, over 50 years ago, we leveraged this expertise to pave the way for a whole new industry – residential manufactured homes and park models built off-site, in a controlled building environment by skilled, experienced craftsmen. Today we are one of the nation’s largest national manufactured home builders.

SW 7012 Creamy
SW 7641 Collonade Grey
SW 9110 Malabar
SW 6211 Rainwashed
SW 6232 Misty
SW 6234 Uncertain Grey
SW 6178 Clary Sage
SW 9108 Double Latte
SW 0048 Bunglehouse Blue
SW 7069 Iron Ore
SW 6130 Mannered Gold
SW 6235 Foggy Day
SW 7566 Westhighland White
SW 7572 Lotus Pod
SW 7504 Keystone Grey
SW 6193 Privilege Green
SW 7621 Silvermist
SW 7624 Slate Tile
SW 6215 Rocky River
SW 6096 Jute Brown
SW 6234 Uncertain Grey
SW 7634 Pediment
SW 7026 Griffen
Take Away 703 Canoe
Take Away 520 Chateau
Take Away Cloud
Take Away 714 Dakota
Take Away 720 Frontier
Take Away 722 Hawk
Take Away Mesa
Take Away 704 Mocha
Take Away 721 Mulch
Take Away 701 Raft
Take Away 702 Ridge
Take Away 502 Shadow
Take Away 121 Summer Sand
Take Away 521 Truffle
Basic Mix 0102T Baltic Stone (UPGRADE)
Basic Mix 0110B Beach Pebble (UPGRADE)
Basic Mix 0500B Burnished Silver (UPGRADE)
Basic Mix 0720A Casual Khaki (UPGRADE)
Basic Mix Granite (UPGRADE)
Basic Mix 0506A Metro Gray (UPGRADE)
Basic Mix 0711B Raw Wood (UPGRADE)
Basic Mix 0100T Sandstone (UPGRADE)
Basic Mix 0104T Sunkissed (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up Balboa Mist (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up 720 Barely There (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up 112 Beech (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up 200 Bits of Brown (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up 111 Breeze (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up 105 Daytona Sand (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up 700 English Oak (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up 710 Forever Pewter (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up 120 Magnolia Bloom (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up 732 Morning Latte (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up 512 Oxford (UPGRADE)
Shake It Up 501 Silversmith (UPGRADE)
Shake it Up 706 Tree Bark (UPGRADE)
996M Celina Wood
976D Texas Oak
639M Sugar Maple
632M Lime Oak
Knotty Alder
White Shaker
Smokey Alder
Arturo Candlelight
Old Town Grey
Rustic Red
Forest Green
Tahoe Blue
Earthtone Cedar
Onyx Black
Estate Grey
Tudor Brown
Iced White (Base)
Snow White (Base)
Frost White (Base)
Sparkling Black (Premium)
Sparkling White (Premium)
Yellow Star (Base Granite)
Uba Tuba (Base Granite)
Luna Pearl (Base Granite)
Tan Brown (Premium Granite)
Venetian Gold (Premium Granite)
Mysoire Black (Premium Granite)
River White (Premium Granite)
Brick Matte White
Balans White
Emma Cementine
Torcello Bianco
LBS 022 Driftwood
LBS 033B Rustic Brown Plank
LBS 134 Carrerra Marble