Construction Services

Steps To New Home Ownership

A. Come visit us in Bremerton

  1. Visit Future Homes of Bremerton for complimentary consultation. Let one of our team members get your started.
  2. Decide on a budget.
  3. Choose a home. We require a low refundable deposit / Courtesy hold.
  4. Pre-Qualified by completing an easy 5 minute application. (if already pre-approved please provide paperwork)

Need Land? We can help!

B. Property Search

  1. You will receive a “qualifying” amount from the Mortgage Company
  2. Set an appointment with Cedarland Group LLC to review properties. If you have your own realtor we will need their contact info.
  3. Choose a property.
  4. Create a purchase offer with your realtor ( always include a feasibility clause to allow time for site inspections and bid/s for property improvements)
  5. After the purchase offer is accepted, contact Future Homes to set an appointment to meet at the property with Future Homes Representative and Contractor for feasibility determination.

C. Return to Future Homes Review Bids and Budget

  1. Once Future Homes receives the bid/s from contractors for site development, we will contact you to set an appointment for you to return to Future Homes to review Land Development bids, review any additional options and final pricing of home.
  2. Upon agreement of site improvement bids and final home pricing. Future Homes will package & forward bids to Mortgage Company.

D. Moving forward

  1. An appraisal is ordered by the mortgage company.
  2. You will receive a request from the mortgage company for current: bank statements, tax returns and other necessary information.
  3. Upon receipt of successful appraisal, Future Homes will contact you. To cover details and order the home and building permits.
  4. Once building permits are obtained. The land development stage will be scheduled according to home delivery timeframe.

E. Home Arrives

  1. Future Homes will contact you with the delivery date of your home.
  2. In most cases the assembly/set up begins immediately, if not within days of delivery:

F. Home Set

  1. Allow approximately 1 week for the set up procedure.
  2. During this process other aspects of construction are taking place such: septic, water, electrical connections as well as stairs and porches and any other access issues.

G. Interior

  1. Upon inspection and approval of electrical hook up; power is turned on, septic or sewer connected and water connected. Interior work begins.
  2. This process includes but is not limited to: Drywall, tape texture, painting, complete floor coverings, and adjustments of cupboards, doors and shelving.
  3. Home is cleaned.

H. Final Walk Through

  1. Upon completion of exterior and interior you will be contacted by factory to set a “walk through” appointment at the home with a certified factory technician.
  2. Your appointment will consist of all operations and inspection of the entire home to ensure your complete satisfaction.

I. Moving In

  1. The Mortgage Company will contact you for a meeting for signing final documents.
  2. Upon the signing of closing documents funds will then be dispersed and you will be free to move in.

Septic Systems








Utility Packages

Utility packages include: septic system, aerobic, or conventional, water meter and tap fees, water connections, and electrical connections.

* With the purchase of a new or used home.

Our construction team is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.