When considering a tiny home it's important to understand that a Tiny Home is more of a notion, then a specific type of home.  Here at Future Homes, we have 2 types of homes that may fit you tiny home needs:

     Park Models ~ Park models are built to RV standards and offer up       to 400 sqft of living Space.  You'll want to check with your county       to insure that a park model is allowed on your property.

     Manufactured Homes - Manufactured homes are build to HUD             standards and offer footprints as low as 456 sqft.

If your considering: Tiny Living, Looking for a Care Taker Unit/ADU, a Cabin in the Woods, Downsizing to a Small Home or Simple Affordable Living we may have the Perfect Answer!  


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Park Models, Cabins, Bungalows and Caretaker Units

The Sensible Tiny Home Alternatives

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